Draught Covid

With the ever changing rules, at short notice, we recommend you book to drink or dine, and check our protocol at the same time, thank you. Please watch the video here

Staying Safe Together

  •  There will be hand sanitising stations at the doors, and more.
  •  All staff will be trained in excellent personal hygiene practices. 
  •  Working environments will be zoned to prevent the risk of cross over and not maintaining social distance.
  • All staff will be trained in all the new processes and Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Any PPE requested by staff will be provided; e.g. face masks, visors, gloves.

Social Distancing

  • The floor is marked with hazard tape into 2m squares.
  • Signage and local enforcement to close off an area, so that a 2m distance is maintained.
  • Traffic flow and markings to maintain social distance. Signage is displayed to remind Customers and Staff to respect the distancing guidelines.
  • One door has been designated as “IN” and one as “OUT” to promote a one-way system.
  • Toilets will be one guest at a time. Bolts have been fitted to the first entrance into the toilets, and signage is displayed for customer guidance.

Good Hygiene

  • Cleaning and sanitising tables, and bar before and after use.
  • Hand washing or sanitising hands after touching shared surfaces.
  • Door handles and shared touched surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised regularly throughout.
  • Toilets will be checked and cleaned regularly throughout. Availability of antibacterial soap and hand towels at all times.
  • Customers will be reminded as well with clear sanitiser stations visible and poster displays.
  • Majority of payments will be taken by contactless method or via the Swifty app. 

Managing Risk

  • People must book to dine, so we can control the numbers on site.
  • Only one person at the bar from a group. 
  • Use of disposable cloths, as per our Food Safety Mangement System, this will limit the risk of the virus being contained and spread.
  • Minimising contact points. Wipe Clean Menus.  Condiments in disposeable pots. Serve using trays.
  • Clear collection point for Drinks and food delivered to the table. 
  • Regular Hand Washing, and Saniting surfaces. 
  • Hand sanitising stations. One at every entrance, with signage to encourage all customers, visitors to wash and sanitise their hands as they enter and leave the site.  Plus one on the Bar and by the Till.
  • Encourage contactless payments or use of the Swifty App.

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