Phone: 01580 241369

Phone: 01580 241369

When we first took over the pub in 2008, Lynn wanted to know what happened to the marvelous fetes. Tony said the committee had folded, and we hadn’t had one for six years. So, we started fundraising, first with a swear box and then a race night. We applied for funding and found the old account had some money left in it. Thus, it began.

The Star quickly became the headquarters for our planning meetings, bringing together a range of people from all walks of life. A new village fete committee was formed, and our first event raised over £2,000. Every year since, the whole village has come out, rain or shine, to enjoy a community day for all. The Queen’s Jubilee parties were some of the best events, as were the royal weddings, during which we held mini street parties in the Inkerman field with the help of Edward Barham.

The Star quickly became the community hub of the village. We were always on hand for Winter Wonderland, Rolvenden Primary School’s Woodland Day, MonyPenny Fairs, and served as one of the stop-off points for The Stroke Association’s helicopter push. Additionally, we provided a buffet breakfast service for the local shoots and hosted the All Churches Together big breakfast event every year.

When COVID-19 hit and the cavalry didn’t come to help our families in need, we set up The Care Bears Scheme food bank. I have never known such generosity from a community. We packed up bursting with your normal Christmas Day food and goodies, and with the help of the Big Wrap, all the families got presents and vouchers.

We have also hosted two big weddings with hot running buffets that were the talk of the village. Our party nights, discos, live bands, and karaoke have been a hit with the locals, giving everyone a chance to let their hair down without the need for driving or cab fares.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when nobody knew what was going to happen to our lovely little home, our pub, the local sports teams’ meeting place, we decided to start a takeaway service and survived. However, we noticed some of our elderly customers were not coming out, so we started the “F!!! COVID” garden coffee mornings with the help of the Women’s Institute and neighbors. Rolvenden is known for the best cake bakers around. We began once-a-month coffee mornings, and people came in droves just to see friends and neighbors again. Enjoying a cuppa and a slice of cake was a joy to behold.

Lastly, when we were all hit with the massive rise in gas and electricity costs, we were asked by the Parish Council to provide a space as a warm hub through the winter months. People could come, enjoy a cuppa, read newspapers, play games, and have a cheap lunch, all funded by our ward councillor, Kate Walder.

The Star has established itself as the locals’ local, the hub of the village, always on hand to help and to hold events for local groups that need support. Because it’s just what we do. Care in the community means we are the community, and we care.